How do I improve the performance of my app?


You are experiencing performance issues with one of the components of your app.

For example: Response time is very high, Dyno memory usage issues, Availability issues, Metric Visibility


Generally, issues like these are application scaling issues caused by using unsuitable components for your apps needs.

We strongly suggest looking into our Production Check documentation, where you will find info regarding:

  1. Dyno Redundancy
  2. DNS & SSL
  3. Postrgres Databases suitable for use in Production.
  4. Adding performance monitoring to your application.

It is extremely important to make sure each of these areas is addressed in your app.

  • Point 1 - Will help you ensure you are using suitable Dynos for your needs, double check here and pay particular attention to Dyno Memory; compare with your app metrics for memory use to ensure suitability.
  • Point 2 - It is very common to not have either DNS or SSL set up correctly. DNS & SSL confuses a lot of people. If you are still unclear after reading the Production Check documentation; We highly recommend to familiarise yourself with DNS and SSL
  • Point 3 - It is mission critical you are using a viable database for your needs. Important: hobby, mini, and basic tier databases are not suitable for production environments.
  • Point 4 - Will allow you higher visibility into your apps endpoints and help to clarify and troubleshoot errors with greater clarity and granularity. We highly recommend every app uses app monitoring such as New Relic

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