Why is my app's IP address being blocked by third parties?


Unfortunately, this happens from time to time on our platform. We take a wide variety of measures to help ensure that it happens as little as possible, but due to the variety and volume of applications running it's not uncommon for some IPs on our platform to be blocked for periods of time.

When this happens, you can usually work around it by restarting the affected dyno(s) one or more times until it lands on a server with an IP address that isn't blocked. There are also some add-ons like QuotaGuard Static that will allow you to make outbound requests from your dynos over a static IP address. This is a great solution to help ensure you're never bothered by this since you can guarantee that your dynos will make requests from a "clean" IP address that you control.

Performance dynos typically are also less affected due to their single-tenant nature. They're more costly, but if that's an option for you it's worth considering depending on how critical this is for your application.

Finally, Heroku Enterprise customers can make use of Private Spaces to ensure that predictable static IP addresses.