How do I revoke a user's access to the Heroku Connect add-on?


My team needs to restrict the users who have access to Heroku Connect. A user who currently has access needs to be removed. How do I prevent the user from using Heroku Connect?


Removing the user from the app that contains Heroku Connect is the most straightforward way to do this.

Once the user is removed from the app, one more step needs to be taken: a user who still has access needs to open the Heroku Connect add-on in one of two ways:

  1. From the Heroku Dashboard, click on the Heroku Connect add-on to launch the Connect Dashboard, or
  2. From the CLI, execute heroku addons:open herokuconnect -a YOUR_APP_NAME to launch the Connect dashboard.

After this step, Heroku Connect will prevent the removed user from using Heroku Connect.

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