Why have my Heroku Redis credentials changed?


You have a provisioned Heroku Redis instance, and credentials have changed.


Occasionally we will roll Heroku Redis credentials for several reasons. Normally this can happen if the Redis instance goes through maintenance (for example, in the case of hardware failures) but we also perform cred rolls for security reasons.

This can cause issues if you have manually copy and pasted these credentials elsewhere, or have hardcoded them into your application.

When credentials are rotated, Heroku will automatically update the configuration variables related to your Redis add-on (this is REDIS_URL, or any other corresponding config variable for the add-on attachment). This process will trigger a new release and will restart your application.

You can retrieve the Redis connection string using either of the following methods:

  • Running the heroku redis:credentials CLI command (for more information, see redis:credentials)
  • Inspecting your app’s config vars by running the command heroku config:get REDIS_URL -a example-app.

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