[DEPRECATED] Migrating from Zerigo DNS to PointDNS


The Zerigo team has chosen not to continue development of this add-on and has been unable to support customers using the service. We advise you to migrate to a new DNS management service, such as PointDNS, as soon as possible as the service may stop working at any time.

If you are unsure if you need to migrate, first see our article on determining which DNS provider you are using. If you are not currently using Zerigo, you can remove the Zerigo add-on immediately.


This article will walk you through migrating your Zerigo DNS add-on configuration to PointDNS.

Warning: do not remove the Zerigo add-on until 1 week after switching to PointDNS. Please see the section on "Removing the Zerigo Add-on" for more information.

Install PointDNS

The very first thing you need to do is install the PointDNS add-on. You can do this via the Heroku Dashboard:

or the CLI:

If using the CLI, be sure to replace <your app name> with the name of your app.

Take a look at PointDNS's plans, as well, to determine which is the best-suited one for your needs: https://elements.heroku.com/addons/pointdns#pricing

Domain Setup

If you have setup your custom domains through the Heroku Dashboard for your app, PointDNS will automatically pull them in and give you a default configuration including the CNAME, ALIAS, and a few NS records.

Custom Records

If you're only using the default records you can skip this section, otherwise, you'll need to migrate them over one by one as outlined below. In the screenshots, migration-example.com is used as an example placeholder for whatever your domain name actually is.

NOTE: PointDNS will include a few records that do not appear in Zerigo, by default (an SOA, CNAME, and a few NS records). Zerigo actually does create these records but hides them in their Dashboard. You do not need to remove these records from PointDNS.

For each custom record in Zerigo, click its "Edit" link to view its configuration:

Create a new record in PointDNS with the same data:

Follow the same process above for every custom record you have.

Direct your Registrar at PointDNS's Nameservers

The final step is to point your Registrar at PointDNS's nameservers. Make sure you've correctly set up all of your records in PointDNS before doing this.

PointDNS adds a set of NS records for you by default, which enumerates the list of nameservers you should use. These can be seen in the PointDNS dashboard:

Use the list of NS records you find in your PointDNS dashboard (not necessarily the ones in the screenshot above) in DNSimple, Google Domains or whatever registrar you use.

Removing the Zerigo add-on

Do not remove the Zerigo add-on immediately after migrating. It will take some time for all DNS requests to be routed to PointDNS. During the transition, period requests will be routed to Zerigo and PointDNS. After about a week (depends on your registrar TTL) all requests should be served by PointDNS and the Zerigo add-on can be removed. You can do this from CLI by running:

$ heroku addons:remove zerigo_dns -a yourapp

You can also remove the add-on from the Heroku Dashboard for your application.

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