How many Trusted IP ranges a Private Space can have?


I need to add some CIDRs to the list of Trusted IP ranges for my Private Space. How many CIDRs can I add?


By default, a Private Space can have up to 20 Trusted IP ranges. This can be raised up to 100 on private spaces that will never need to enable Trusted IP ranges for Data. It will be 60(hard limit) if Trusted IP Ranges for Data Services is enabled. Please open a support ticket stating the name of the Private Space as well as the number of Trusted IP ranges. It could take a couple of days to have the limit raised.

Unfortunately, there are implementation details that make it impossible to have the limit raised above 100.

Note: As these are IP ranges (using CIDR notation) rather than individual IP addresses it is possible to trust large blocks of contiguous IP addresses without necessarily needing to increase the limit.

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