Why does node, npm, and yarn return 'command not found' after successful build?


A user's build has successfully built and released, but at runtime, the app is unable to find node, npm and/or yarn.

You may see something like this:

~ $ npm -v
bash: npm: command not found
~ $ node -v
bash: node: command not found
~ $ yarn -v
bash: yarn: command not found


There is likely a script that is running at build-time that is overwriting the Node binaries.

From the root of the app directory, run:

grep -iRl "PATH" .

This will output all the files that has PATH in them.

Note: If you are running this from a Heroku dyno, you can ignore any files in the .heroku directory - that comes from the compile step of the build.

If any files have reassigned $PATH, make sure that they look something like this:

export PATH=/new/binary:/other/new/bin:$PATH

If the :$PATH is missing from any assignment to PATH, the binaries from the Heroku build (including node, yarn and npm) will not be available at runtime.

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