How do I change the dyno types for my application?


You would like to change the dyno types that your application is using.

a Procfile to your app in order to define its process types. Learn more


You can select the types of dynos that your application uses from the Heroku Dashboard.

  • Click on the app name, and go to the Resources tab to see what type of dynos your application is presently using.
  • Click Change Dyno Type to open a selection of dyno types you change to. If you don't see the Change Dyno Type button, please first add a Procfile to your app to define its process types.
  • You can find more information on the different Dyno types we offer here.

Alternatively, you can perform the operation from the command line. Read more...

Note: Access to performance-m and performance-l dynos is limited to customers with an established payment history

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