Heroku Connect state remains SCHEMA_CHANGED and the sync operations is disabled after adding a new field


After adding a new field on a mapping object, it appears that this error happens continuously. How can I resolve this?

ERROR	Too many sync errors. Sync operations may be disabled for up to 15 minute(s).
INFO	Error during sync: (psycopg2.ProgrammingError) column "xxxxx_yyyyy_xxxxx_yyyyy_xxxxx_yyyyy_xxxxx_yyyyy_xxxxx_yyyyy_xxxxx_yyyyy" of relation "zzz" already exists...
INFO	Adding column xxxxx_yyyyy_xxxxx_yyyyy_xxxxx_yyyyy_xxxxx_yyyyy_xxxxx_yyyyy_xxxxx_yyyyy__c to table "salesforce"."zzz"


You'll need to rename the field to something shorter than 63 bytes. This problem is that Postgres has a hard limit of 63 bytes on the length of column names.

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