Why am I getting pg_restore: [archiver] unsupported version (1.13) in file header error with pg_restore?


I get an error pg_restore: [archiver] unsupported version (1.13) in file header when I try to restore a dump file that was created using Heroku PGBackups (heroku pg:backups:capture or scheduled backups) feature or using pg_dump with one-off dynos.


You're using an old version of pg_restore binary that doesn't support restoring the provided dump file. Please make sure that you use the latest Postgres version, which must be higher than the following release: https://www.postgresql.org/about/news/1834/ (10.3, 9.6.8, 9.5.12, 9.4.17, and 9.3.22).

You can check the pg_restore version you're using by running pg_restore --version.

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