What should I do if my Heroku account is deleted?


Your Heroku account or Team has been deleted for non-payment of invoices, and you’d like to see if it’s possible to recover the contents.


Heroku requires your Team or Personal Heroku account to remain in good standing, with up-to-date credit card information. If your account falls into a past due or delinquent status, Heroku will suspend and subsequently permanently delete your account. This will only occur after a ~30+ day grace period, which includes a series of email notifications to application and account owners.

If your Heroku Personal or Team is deleted for non-payment, the contents of your account are purged from the system. Purging occurs shortly after your deletion date. If you provide some application-based information (name, etc), Heroku staff members can inspect the platform for any residual assets. However, this article does not serve to guarantee that we will be able to recover the contents of your deleted account.

Required information

If your Personal or Heroku Team has been deleted for non-payment and you require assistance, please submit a support ticket with the following information:

  1. The email associated with the Personal Heroku account or Team Admin
  2. The deleted Team name; If you don’t have the exact Team name, please provide the latest invoice number. Heroku invoices will appear on your banking statement as HEROKU NOV-12345678 CA.
  3. The exact names of all applications that were deleted
  4. The types of Heroku Add-Ons that were provisioned on the application, including Postgres and Redis databases

Please note: You will be required to create a new Heroku account with the same email address of the one that was deleted to request information.

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