How does the Heroku for GitHub Students program work?


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Program details

This is a 12-month program that grants you a total of $156 USD platform credits based on your application date. Once approved and applied to your personal Heroku account, a maximum of $13 will be deducted each month from the allotted credits, whether there is a paid Heroku product in use or not in your account. Unused credits will not roll over month to month.

Please note that if your spend is $156 per month, you cannot use all your credits in one month to cover all of your charges. The maximum applicable credit is $13/month, which is enough to cover one month of the Eco Dynos plan ($5 for 1000 dyno hours/month), one Mini Heroku Postgres database ($5/month), and one Mini Heroku Data for Redis database ($3/month).
Once registered in the Heroku for GitHub Students program, your student status lasts for 12 months. Credits expire after the 12-month period and may not be renewed.

More information is available in the FAQ.

How many credits will I receive?

The program provides each eligible student with a total allocation of platform credits worth $156 USD. From this allocation, students will have $13 USD worth of credits each month to spend on any Heroku product for a period of 12 months.

Please visit the Heroku is for Students page to learn more.

Can the platform credits be applied to any other items on my Heroku bill?

Unfortunately, we cannot extend the credits to any paid third-party Heroku Add-ons. The credits can only be applied to Heroku products (such as Heroku Dynos, Heroku data services, or Heroku CI).

To learn more about GitHub's additional student offers, please visit the following resource:

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