Why weren't all my GitHub student credits applied to my current month's invoice?


You've received credits from the Heroku for GitHub Students program and are curious as to why you've received an invoice this month.


The Heroku for GitHub Students program grants a $13 monthly credit that can be applied to any Heroku product offering, excluding paid third-party add-ons, across your entire personal Heroku account. Please take note of the following aspects of the program in relation to how the credit is applied to your monthly invoice:

  • The maximum amount of platform credits that can be applied per month is worth $13.00 USD.
  • Though you were granted a total of $156 USD in platform credits through the program, $13.00 from this allocation will be applied to your account every month over a period of 12 months.
  • As an example spend, the $13 in platform credits is enough to cover one month of the Eco Ddynos plan ($5 for 1000 dyno hours/month), one Mini Heroku Postgres database ($5/month), and one Mini Heroku Data for Redis database ($3/month).

To view your monthly credits applied to an invoice, click on the Expand All link in your invoices, open an invoice, and view the monthly credit applied near the bottom of the invoice. Once the $13.00 credit has been applied, any remaining amount on the invoice will be charged to the credit card on file for your account.

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