Why is my credit card being charged by Heroku?


You're seeing charges on your credit card from Heroku that you don't recognize.


To understand more about where charges originate for Heroku, it's important to understand where invoices can be located within your Heroku Personal and Heroku Teams. Please view the following article on how to locate invoices in your Personal account or Heroku Team:


Unrecognizable charges

Charges generated by Heroku invoices will appear on your banking statement as follows:

If you notice an unknown charge, please open a support ticket so that we can research the issue in more depth for you.

Required information for investigation

We encourage you to include the following information when opening a support ticket for unknown charges:

  • Heroku invoice number, referenced in your bank statement: JUL-1234567
  • Transaction amount (USD)
  • Transaction date
  • Last 4 digits of card charged
  • Expiration date of card charged

Other reasons for Heroku charges

If you are unsure if you have a Heroku account, other explanations for these charges could be:

  1. You have a different Personal Heroku account that's using your credit card
  • Log into your other Heroku Personal account to manage/delete resources as necessary or remove your credit card.
  1. Your credit card is being used on different Heroku Team.
  • Contact the Heroku Team admin to request that the credit card on file be updated to a new payment method.
  1. Verification hold
  • We perform a $1 USD temporary pre-authorization transaction as a credit security check to ensure your card details are correct and authorized. These temporary holds can appear on your statement for up to 7 days, but we are not actually charging you and no funds transfer from your card to Heroku.

Fraudulent charges

In the unfortunate event that your credit card is being used by another party without your permission, complete the credit card removal form:


Upon verifying the details provided in the form, we can remove the credit card to prevent further charges. Afterward, you still may want to contact your bank to dispute the charges if they were placed without your authorization.

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