Why is my credit card being charged by Heroku?


I'm seeing charges on my credit card from Heroku that I don't recognize.


For personal accounts, detailed information about what you're being charged for can be found on the Billing page. Detailed invoices for each month are available under the Invoices section.

For Teams, the same can be found at https://dashboard.heroku.com/teams/<team-name>/billing (replacing <team-name> with your team).

If you don't believe you have an account with Heroku (or don't anymore), other explanations for these charges could be:

  • You have another Heroku account that's using the credit card that's being charged: Login to your other account to manage/delete resources as necessary or remove your credit card.
  • Your credit card is being used on a Team: Contact a Team admin to update the credit card details.
  • Credit card fraud: In the unfortunate event that your credit card is being used by another party without your permission, please contact your credit card company to dispute and block these charges as soon as possible.

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