What needs to be done when my Heroku Enterprise contract ends?


Your Enterprise contract with Salesforce for Heroku services is coming to a close, and you want to know what steps need to be taken once the contract ends.


An email titled "Heroku Change of Billing and Services" is sent out once the Heroku licenses from your Salesforce contract expire; and details the steps that may need to be taken for your account. This email includes the specific account features that will be impacted by the change from Enterprise to Online billing; as well as a partial list of the apps that will be affected.

Enterprise accounts will automatically be converted to Online credit card billing five business days after the contract ends. If you are not renewing the Salesforce contract there are two options; you could either close your Heroku account or keep it active through monthly credit card payments.

Closing your Heroku Team account

If you choose to close your Heroku account, we first recommend removing all apps from your account and saving any necessary data; as app data is not recoverable once an account is deleted. We have more information on how app data could be saved here:

How do I "backup" my entire app?

Afterward, if you open a support ticket and request the Enterprise Licensing and Provisioning team, we would be able to assist in closing out your account.

Continue using your Heroku Team account

Alternatively, if you would prefer to retain your account without a Salesforce contract, a credit card would need to be entered on the billing tab of your account dashboard in order to verify your account. This would allow the monthly recurring payments for usage to be charged to the card on file. More information on updating an account's card could be found here:

Account Verification

Please note Single Sign-On (SSO) logins will be disabled on the team. We recommend transitioning to the Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) feature prior to the contract expiration. Go to your team's settings page and disable SSO. Members will receive instructions to reset their passwords. You will need admin privileges to help members with lost MFA verifiers or alternatively contact us.

Declined invoices

If Heroku is unable to successfully charge a credit card on the account for services used and usage charges that have accrued, the account will be suspended approximately 30 days after the first failed payment. Account deletion will occur approximately 25 days after account suspension; and once an account is deleted it cannot be restored and any apps or data residing within cannot be recovered.

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