How do I add, update, or change a credit card on my Heroku account?


You need to add a new credit card or update existing payment information on an Heroku Team or Personal Heroku Account.


With Heroku, it's possible to have a separate credit card for a Personal account versus a Heroku Team. It's important to understand this attribute of the Dashboard before we describe the process for updating your card. Having separate billings, divided by teams and/or personal accounts provides flexibility for those who wish to accomplish the following scenarios:

  • Bill individual clients directly for their spend
  • Isolate billing costs across multiple departments

If this is of interest to you, we recommend reviewing our article on billing multiple clients with Heroku:

Card removal

Please note that removing your card will have repercussions on your Heroku account. We recommend familiarizing yourself with how removing your card will affect your account, as it is not reversible.

Update Personal Heroku account credit card

  • Log into your Personal Heroku account
  • Select your avatar in the upper right-hand corner and make the selection Account Settings
  • Under the header Manage Account, select Billing
  • Select Change Credit Card to enter the new payment method
  • Once you've entered the correct information, select Save Details

Update Heroku Team credit card

  • Log into your Personal Heroku account
  • Select Personal on the left side of the screen select the drop-down to expose the Team View
  • Under the Team Name, select Billing
  • Select Change Credit Card
  • Once you've entered the correct information, select Save Details
  • Repeat across all teams if separate payment methods are required

Personal and Team accounts are separate entities and a card would need to be added to both accounts individually.

Verification Hold

We perform a $1 USD temporary pre-authorization transaction as a credit security check to ensure your card details are correct and authorized. These temporary holds can appear on your statement for up to 7 days, but we are not actually charging you and no funds transfer from your card to Heroku. However, if the transaction for verification cannot be performed, your card cannot be added.

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