Why do I see a verification error before scaling processes with Heroku?


You've previously been part of an Enterprise Team and your Enterprise contract has recently not been renewed. Once the Enterprise Team was converted to a Direct Team, (no longer Enterprise), you're receiving an error when attempting to scale dynos.


While viewing your Dashboard in your Heroku Team, you're receiving the following error when attempting to scale dynos:

The owner of <app_name>, <team>@herokumanager.com, must be verified before you can scale processes (please have them enter a credit card).

When an Enterprise contract is not renewed by its expiration date, the Enterprise Team is converted to a Direct Team account, and all Enterprise features are restricted. A credit card must be immediately entered to verify the Heroku Team in order to continue using the Heroku platform. A card on file is also required to charge for monthly usage since the Enterprise contract has now ended.

When an application exists within an unverified Team, administrators will be unable to scale processes or resources for an app within that team, until a valid credit card is entered. You may also transfer the applications to a Personal or Heroku Team that has been verified with a valid credit card in order to scale resources.

To verify your team account you would need to visit the billing tab of your team dashboard by following the instructions below:

  • Log into your Personal Heroku account
  • Select Personal on the left side of the screen select the drop-down to expose the Team View
  • Under the Team Name, select Billing
  • Follow the instructions to update your credit card


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