What happens if I have unpaid Heroku invoices?


You have a Personal Heroku account or you are an Admin of a Heroku Team and have been notified of a declined payment or delinquent account.


For payment/invoicing questions for Heroku Enterprise, please reach out to your Account Executive or contact the Salesforce Customer Service Billing Department here: Salesforce Customer Service Billing Department.

Heroku is billed on a monthly basis for usage accrued in the previous month. Invoices are issued and automatically charged against the card on file within the first 5-7 business days of each month.

If the charge for an invoice is declined for any reason, please ensure your payment method is updated as soon as possible to avoid any interruption of service.

Upon adding your credit/debit card, we perform a $1 USD temporary pre-authorization transaction as a credit security check to ensure your card details are correct and authorized. These temporary holds can appear on your statement for up to 7 days, but we are not actually charging you and no funds transfer from your card to Heroku.

Declined Transactions

If the charge for your invoice is declined, we will automatically re-try the payment over several business days, up to 2 times total. If your payment is successfully processed during these retries, no further action is required. If you are unsure of the reason for a declined payment, please reach out to your financial institution as they will have more insight into the transaction than Heroku Support.

Personal account owners and Heroku Team admins will receive detailed notifications via email for any declined transactions.

Account Suspensions for Non-Payment

After two (2) unsuccessful payment attempt for any invoice, Personal account holders and Team Admins will have an additional ~7 days to resolve the payment issue before the account is suspended for non-payment.

If your account is suspended for non-payment, applications will not be accessible and you will need to log into the Heroku Dashboard to submit payment. The suspension is lifted as soon as your successful payment is submitted and you should see your applications come back online.

Personal account owners and Heroku Team admins will receive detailed notifications via email for any pending account suspensions.

Account Deletions for Non-Payment

Once an account has been suspended there will be an additional ~20 days to complete payment for the oldest past due invoice. If payment is not received in that timeframe, the account, including all applications and data, will be automatically deleted without the ability to be recovered.

Personal account owners and Heroku Team admins/members/collaborators will receive detailed notifications via email for any pending account deletions.

Click here to read more about accounts deleted for non-payment.


If your account is pending suspension or deletion and you need assistance, please reach out to the Heroku Support team.

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