What happens if I have unpaid Heroku invoices?


You have a personal Heroku account or you are an Admin of a Heroku Team and have been notified of a declined payment or delinquent account.


Heroku is automatically billed on a monthly basis for the usage accrued in the previous month, within the first 2-5 business days of each month. This is referred to as billing in arrears and invoices are due upon receipt. If your Personal or Team's monthly charges are declined for any reason, you will receive notifications and information on steps to resolve the payment issue before any action is taken on the account.

If your Personal or Team's monthly charges are declined for any reason, Heroku will email you every step of the way to provide more information regarding your pending account suspension and deletion.

Retry attempts for declined charges

When the card on file is declined, your invoice becomes past due. We will reattempt to charge the transaction for each invoice automatically, up to four times over several business days. Personal account owners and Heroku Team admins will receive notifications via email for any declined transactions.

Heroku account suspension and/or deletion

After four(4) unsuccessful payment attempts, Personal account holders and Team Admins will have ~20 days to log into the Heroku Dashboard to update the credit card and submit payment before any action will be taken. Personal account owners and Team admins will receive email notifications prior to any account suspension, which will include steps for submitting payment and exact dates of any pending account suspension or deletion.

Notifications are sent prior to account deletion to Heroku account owners and Heroku Team admins, as well as application collaborators for Team owned & Personal applications. Once an account has been suspended, there will be an additional ~35 days to complete payment for the oldest past due invoice. If payment is not received in that timeframe, the account, including all applications and data, will be automatically deleted without the ability to be recovered.

Special notifications for Heroku Teams

Collaborators and Members will not be notified of declined charges, only account deletion. If the deletion of a Team occurs, an email will be sent to Admins, Members, and Collaborators of the team. Previous to the deletion of the Heroku Team, Members and Collaborators will not be notified of unpaid invoices or any financial issues related to the account.

Enterprise Heroku Teams

Please note that this set of instructions and suspension timeline does not apply to Heroku Enterprise Teams

Definition of deletion

  • The associated Personal Heroku account or Team is marked as deleted within Heroku's systems.
  • Admins, members and collaborators will not be able to access the account via the Dashboard.
  • All associated applications are deleted.
  • Associated databases and add-ons are removed from the applications.
  • All code is redacted.
  • Invoices are redacted.

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