Why am I being charged for Heroku services, even though I'm in the GitHub Student Program?


You've received credits as per the GitHub Student Developer Program. However, you've received an invoice for monthly usage and are curious why you're being charged. Please take into consideration the two scenarios in which credits are not applying to your account as expected.


Once you've been accepted into the GitHub Student Developer Program, please confirm that the same account that's received the GitHub credits is the same Heroku Personal account that is accruing spend.

Summary of maximum credits available per month

When you receive credits from the GitHub Student Developer Program, you receive $168.00 worth of credits that are applicable over 24 months. The maximum that will be applied per month is a total of $7.00.


  • If you receive an invoice for $7.00 for June and have 1 Hobby dyno running, you'll receive a $7.00 invoice and the balance due to Heroku will be $0.00.
  • If you receive an invoice for $50.00 for June and have 1 Hobby dyno running, you'll receive a credit of $7.00 on your invoice and the remaining balance due will be of $43.00.

For more information on how GitHub Student Credits are applied, please view the following knowledge base article:

To learn more about the GitHub Student Developer Pack, please view our current program description: https://www.heroku.com/github-students

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