Why am I being asked to authorize additional charges?

Starting November 28, 2022, free Heroku Dynos, free Heroku Postgres, and free Heroku Data for Redis will no longer be available.

This change means that for Review Apps, Mini will be the new default plan for Heroku Postgres and Heroku Data for Redis. Also, Eco dynos will be the new default dyno type, if you have purchased the Eco plan. Otherwise, the default is Basic dynos for personal accounts and Heroku Teams.

The default dyno type for Heroku CI won't change and in-dyno database plans will still be available. However, some users may have specified to use free dynos and hobby-dev databases in the test environment section of the app.json file. Those plans will no longer be available.

Because Heroku charges the pipeline owner for dynos and add-ons used for Review Apps and Heroku CI, we need authorization for additional charges when paid plans are used. You can provide your own authorization on personal accounts, and team admins and members can authorize charges for Heroku Teams. Providing authorization before November 28, 2022 ensures that your pipelines run smoothly after this date. See our instructions for how to authorize.

See our blog post and the Removal of Heroku Free Product Plans FAQ for more info related to the ending of free plans.

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