Does Heroku support debit cards or pre-paid credit cards for billing and account verification?


You'd like to use a debit or pre-paid credit card for account verification.


Heroku can accept some bank-issued prepaid debit or credit cards but this is entirely subject to the card issuing institution. We cannot accept prepaid gift cards, such as Visa Vanilla or similar reloadable gift cards.

For the card to be considered valid, it must have a verifiable billing address. The billing address is added simultaneously when the card information is supplied in the Billing tab in your Personal Heroku account or Heroku Team.

If your debit or prepaid card is not accepting charges from Heroku or you are unable to verify your account with the card, please contact your bank or use another card. For further guidance on how to replace the card on file with your Personal Heroku account or Heroku Team, we recommend the following resource:

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