Why do I see unpaid invoices when trying to close my account?


You'd like to close your Heroku account, but you are receiving an error message that says you cannot close your account because you have unpaid invoices.


If you are experiencing this error when attempting to close your account, one or more of the following is true in either your Personal or Heroku Team account. We encourage you to view the following article if you have any questions about locating your invoices:


Unpaid invoices:

If you have any unpaid invoices, you'll be unable to close your account. Please follow the steps below:

  • To pay outstanding invoices, select Pay Now.
  • Follow the prompts to Review Credit Card and Pay
  • You'll need to re-enter your payment information & process a manual payment if you chose the Pay Now option


You have a "Pending" invoice:

An invoice with the status of Pending has been generated for the previous month's usage and is scheduled to be charged in the next few business days. To learn more about what a Pending invoice represents, we recommend the following resource:


You have current usage:

Heroku bills on a monthly basis for usage accrued in the previous month in USD. If you have accrued usage in this current month, you will need to pay the current amount due before closing your account. You can open a ticket with Heroku Support to pay the current balance if the invoice has yet to be generated for the month.

Applications can be deleted from your Heroku Dashboard or via CLI:

View current usage:

To view your current usage for the month, visit your Billing tab in the Dashboard and select View Details


Remove credit card:

Heroku Teams do not have access to the Remove Credit Card feature, so please open a ticket with Heroku Support requesting to expedite payment. Please view the following article if you have questions on how to close a Team Account:


For Personal Heroku accounts, you can expedite current charges by using the Remove Credit Card feature on your billing page to process your final payment:


After removing your card, you can close your account:

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