Why is the status of my invoice 'Pending'?


Your most recent invoice has a status of 'Pending' and you're unsure what this means.


Heroku is billed automatically each month for the previous month's usage. An invoice with the status of "Pending" meets the following criteria:

  • A "Pending" invoice occurs after the first of the month when then the most recent billing cycle ends.
  • The invoice has charges that have not yet been applied to the credit card on file.
  • Once the invoice payment is processed successfully, the invoice will be updated to either a Paid or Declined status.


On Oct 1: You view your Heroku Dashboard and notice an invoice marked as "Pending". The invoice refers to the previous month's usage, which is for September. Within the next few business days, Heroku will automatically charge your card on file for the "Pending" invoice for September's usage.

Card charging dates

Heroku's billing dates fall between the 6th and 12th business days of the month. We'll attempt to charge the card on file 2 times, per invoice, and notify you via email of any declined charges.

You can find more information on "Pending" invoices in the Dev Center article below: https://devcenter.heroku.com/articles/credit-card-processing


  • You've logged into your Personal Heroku account or Heroku Team on the 2nd of the month.
  • Under the Billing page, you notice that an invoice is marked as "Pending".
  • Within the next few business days, Heroku will attempt to charge the card on file.
  • If the charge is successful, the invoice status will transition to Paid.
  • If the charges are unsuccessful, the invoice status will transition to Declined

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