When is my Heroku invoice due?


You've received an invoice from Heroku and would like to know when the balance is due.


Heroku users have approximately 40 days from the day the invoice is generated to pay the outstanding invoice in full. We do not mark invoices with a specific date it's due. Instead, we attempt to collect payment over a schedule that we'll describe below.

Automatic payment schedule

Heroku automatically attempts to charge the card on file 2-5 business days after the invoice is generated for the entire balance due. We attempt to charge the card on file a maximum of 2 times to collect outstanding charges. Invoices that are marked unpaid after the 2nd charge attempt will be scheduled for suspension. If your account is scheduled for suspension, you will be notified by email.

Unsuccessful payments

In the event of failed charge attempts, we'll notify the Personal account holder or the admin on the Team. Collaborators and members will not be notified of failed card charge attempts.

  • If the attempted charge is unsuccessful, we will re-attempt to charge the card on file for the outstanding balance 1 more time.
  • The remaining attempt at charging the card on file will be spread across the next 8-10 business days.

Due date for Heroku charges

After the 2nd failed charge attempt for the current month's invoice, Personal account holders or Team admins will be notified of a pending suspension date for the Heroku account. Heroku account-holders will be required to pay the outstanding balance in full in order to avoid suspension, once a suspension notification is received.


  • Your invoice for January's usage is generated on February 1st
  • You will have approximately until March 13th to pay all outstanding invoices before your account is scheduled for suspension.

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