When will I be charged for my pending Heroku invoice?


You have an invoice that has a status of pending and would like to know when your card will be charged.


Once an invoice has been generated for the previous month's usage, Heroku will attempt to charge your credit card a total of 2 times between the 6th and 12th business days of the month. Please note that these dates are approximate due to weekends and holidays.


October 1: You view your Heroku Dashboard and notice an invoice marked as "Pending". The invoice refers to the previous month's usage, which is for September.

October 6th - 12th: Heroku will automatically charge your card on file for the "Pending" invoice for September's usage a total of 2 times to attempt to collect a successful payment.

Declined charges

  • If the charge is unsuccessful, Heroku will attempt to charge your card again, for a total of 2 times for a Pending invoice.
  • If both 2 charges decline, your invoice will not be retried a 3rd time.
  • It becomes the responsibility of the Heroku Team or Personal account holder to manually retry the charges to avoid suspension of the account.

To manually retry a charge, please review the article below for instructions:


Successful charges

  • If Heroku's automatic reprocessing of a failed invoice charge is successful, your invoice will transition to Paid
  • If your invoice is manually reprocessed when logged into your Heroku Dashboard, your invoice transition to Paid, as well

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