How do I close my Heroku Team?


You would like to close your Heroku Team.


In order to close your Heroku Team, there are a few things to take into consideration before the process can be completed. This guide serves to explore what steps are required to ensure your Heroku Team is closed and your account is in good standing. Once you have deleted your applications and expedited the final charges, you will be able to delete the Team from the Settings tab of that specific team.

Deleting your Personal Heroku account does NOT automatically delete your Heroku Team. You must delete the Heroku Team first, then delete your Personal account if you'd like to offboard from the Heroku Platform entirely.

  • Please do not remove yourself from the Team, as you will not be able to manage the team or team resources.
  • If you delete your personal account first, you will be unable to log back into Heroku to delete the Team.

Deletion requirements

In order to close the Heroku Team, all of the following must occur before deletion:

  • Deleting applications: All applications have been deleted
  • Past due invoices: Your previous month's invoices must all be paid in full
  • Ongoing charges: Your current month's charges have been expedited and paid in full manually via a Heroku Billing support representative

Deleting applications

To close your Heroku Team, all applications, pipelines, and add-ons must be deleted. Deleting your applications ensures that no further costs are accruing as a result of consuming resources in the Heroku Team. If you'd like to retain your applications, you can transfer them to a different Heroku Team or Personal account.

As a set of reference tools for deleting/transferring applications, we recommend the following article set:

Past due invoices

All invoices for the previous month's usage must be paid in full before your Heroku Team can be closed. To learn where invoices can be located for Teams, we recommend the following article under the section header "Invoices for Teams:"

Ongoing charges

Ongoing charges stem from application dynos and other Heroku resources that have not been scaled down to $0 in spend. If you have any ongoing charges related to your current applications, you will not be able to close your Heroku Team. Heroku Billing support can identify if there are ongoing charges so that you can successfully close your Heroku Team.

If you need help, be sure to open a support ticket:

Download previous invoices

Before you close your Heroku Team, we recommend downloading your invoices. After account deletion, you will not be able to access previous invoices.

Expedite Pending Charges for the Current Month

To expedite the final payment for any outstanding balance and close the Heroku Team, please open a ticket with the Heroku Billing support and request expedited payment. Once payment has been processed, you can close the Team at any time.

Delete the Heroku Team

To delete the Team in your Heroku account, select Settings and then the option to Delete Team... as shown below.


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