How long does it take to receive a refund from Heroku?


You've requested a refund from Heroku, but haven't received the funds back in your bank account.


Please note that Heroku does not offer refunds for incidents, maintenance, or outages. Heroku does process refunds for completed for tax exemption applications. The following documentation details the availability of refunds on Heroku services.

Tax exemption refunds

We've compiled a comprehensive article that explains the tax exemption process. Please review this document before providing documentation that proves your status.

Refund overview

When a refund is processed it will show as a credit, or negative amount in your bank account. Refunds typically take several business days to return the funds to your account. Funds should arrive between 5 - 10 business days. This length of time depends on your bank's timeline of events, not Heroku's.

If we've confirmed that we've processed a refund for your account, and you haven't received the funds, please open a support ticket. We'll be happy to investigate this issue.

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