Low-Cost Plans FAQ

Heroku is introducing a set of new low-cost dyno and data plans:

  • Eco Dynos Plan: $5 for 1000 dyno hours/month, shared across all Eco dynos in your account. Eco dynos sleep after a period of inactivity and don't consume dyno hours while sleeping.
  • Mini Heroku Postgres Plan: 10,000 rows of storage for $5/month
  • Mini Heroku Data for Redis Plan: 25 MB for $3/month

In addition to these new plans, we will also be renaming Hobby dynos and Hobby-Dev databases to Basic.

See our blog post announcement for more info.

I'm an Enterprise customer. Do I need to take any action?
No changes are required from Enterprise customers. All updates will be automatically applied with no cost changes to your current contract. Discuss with your AE during the next cycle and work together on any adjustments going forward.

I've already migrated to Hobby dynos, Hobby Basic Postgres, and Premium Redis. Can I downgrade?
Yes, you can downgrade plans to the new plans.

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