Why am I receiving an invoice after my contract has ended with Heroku?


You’ve received an invoice from Heroku and were previously invoiced via Salesforce for Heroku usage. This article aims to explain what happens when your contract ends and you transition to monthly billing. The information below will only apply to your situation if you were previously receiving Salesforce invoices, that contain a line item for your Heroku-based spend.


If you’ve received an invoice after your Heroku Enterprise contract ends, this occurs when your account has transitioned to the classification of Online Billing. Online Billing affects your Heroku account in the following ways:

  • You’ll receive an email titled “Heroku Change of Billing and Services”. Review the contents of this email in its entirety. The email explains information about the account transition from Enterprise to Direct.
  • Your Heroku Team usage will no longer be invoiced via Salesforce.
  • All Team usage will be invoiced by Heroku, directly and must be paid on a monthly basis via credit card.
  • Your monthly invoices will now be viewable in your Heroku account.
  • Your previous Salesforce-generated invoices are not viewable in your Heroku account.

We’ve included the following article that will help to walk you through how to locate these invoices in your account: https://help.heroku.com/KANEH8I1/where-can-i-view-my-invoices

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